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Your Good Name

The boy’s name David is pronounced DAY-vid. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of David is “Beloved”. Biblical: one of the most remarkable personalities in the Scriptures. David a shepherd, musician, poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king. He wrote about half of the Psalms and very likely composed music for them as well. Saint David

Attitude Quotes

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”

— Abraham Lincoln


You can have a bear mind and have your own resolution to succedd can become more important any other thing like Mr. Abraham Lincoln said in his quote



For example in the world of cup of 2006 in Germany the Defintion for good sportmanship:

Good sportsmanship is when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect. Kids learn the basics of sportsmanship from the adults in their lives, especially their parents and their coaches. Kids who see adults behaving in a sportsmanlike way gradually come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity — whether they win or lose a game

Ask first- or second-graders who won a game and they may answer, “I think it was a tie.” It’s likely the question isn’t of any real interest at that age. Kids may be more eager to talk about the hits they got or the catches they almost made.

But as they move into older and more competitive leagues, kids become more focused on winning. They often forget to have fun. Without constant reminders and good examples, they may also forget what behavior is appropriate before, during, and after a sporting event.

Kids who have coaches who care only about being in first place and say that anything goes as long as they win, pick up the message that it’s OK to be ruthless on the field. If parents constantly pressure them to play better or second-guess their every move, kids get the message that they’re only as good as their last good play — and they’ll try anything to make one. The best coaches — and parents — encourage their kids to play fair, to have fun, and to concentrate on helping the team while polishing their own skills. Having worked as a group and a team respect each other and play fair.

Thanksgiving Week!!!

I went to church to celebrate thanksgiving with the church I go with my mom with my church mebers and spent time with my dad with our neighbor we ate turkey and ham spent good times with family I called my aunt how she was spending with her friends.My week went fast on Monday I woke up late like around 10:00a.m. I didn”t want to wake up that morning and I woke up late noticing I ate breakfast I made my own breakfast and made coffee and watch t.v. and my mom was staying with me and realizing that I stayed homed I had to do a child development project for my college class and reserved my date I kept calling the child center and she wasn’t there so they told me to call later around 11:00a.m. like around that time I’d called them and she answered my call she said when can I come by and I told her Tuesday around 10:00a.m. the next day i woke up early my mom told me to get ready I went to catch the bus I went to the ELAC COLLEGE CENTER day care center  I went to observe the day care child self development center on tuesday and finish my project. I had a wonderful week.

I wish my dad was here giving thanks r.i.p dad Antonio Rodriquez 1993 I miss dad.

Thanksgiving Day


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