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Thanksgiving Week!!!

I went to church to celebrate thanksgiving with the church I go with my mom with my church mebers and spent time with my dad with our neighbor we ate turkey and ham spent good times with family I called my aunt how she was spending with her friends.My week went fast on Monday I woke up late like around 10:00a.m. I didn”t want to wake up that morning and I woke up late noticing I ate breakfast I made my own breakfast and made coffee and watch t.v. and my mom was staying with me and realizing that I stayed homed I had to do a child development project for my college class and reserved my date I kept calling the child center and she wasn’t there so they told me to call later around 11:00a.m. like around that time I’d called them and she answered my call she said when can I come by and I told her Tuesday around 10:00a.m. the next day i woke up early my mom told me to get ready I went to catch the bus I went to the ELAC COLLEGE CENTER day care center  I went to observe the day care child self development center on tuesday and finish my project. I had a wonderful week.

I wish my dad was here giving thanks r.i.p dad Antonio Rodriquez 1993 I miss dad.


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